David A. Fleishman, MD Curriculum Vitae

University of Pittsburgh:                                             Bachelor of Science                                1962-1965
Boston University School of Medicine:                        Doctor of Medicine                                1965-1969 
New England Deaconess Hospital:                               Internship                                                1969-1970
University Hospital and Boston City Hospital:            Ophthalmology Residency                     1970-1973 

American Board of Ophthalmology - Board Certified                                                                          1973
Fellowship American College of Surgeons                                                                                          1977

General Ophthalmology with a subspecialty in Cataract-Implant and Laser Surgeries                 1973 - 2001

Goddard Hospital                                                             Chief of Ophthalmology                      1976 - 1994
Good Samaritan Medical Center                                      Chief of Ophthalmology                       1994 - 1999
Brockton Hospital                     

Physician Service Award – Good Samaritan Medical Center                                                                2001
Honorary Chair for 25 Years of Medical Service - Brockton Hospital                                                   2001
Presidential Medal from the New England College of Optometry
Given at Commencement Exercises at Symphony Hall                                                  May 21, 2017

Ocular Heritage Society
Ophthalmic Antiques International Collectors Club
Optometric Historical Society

Massachusetts Medical Society                                                                                                          1973
New England Ophthalmologic Society                                                                                               1976
American Academy of Ophthalmology
Plymouth District Medical Society                             
American Intraocular Implant Society                                                                                                1983
Massachusetts Society of Eye Physicians and Surgeons                                                                       1988
American Society of Eye Physicians and Surgeons

- Build a dynamic and passionate community of like-minded people interested in the subject of sight and vision aids.
- Discover a broad array of optical treasures to bring before the public eye.
- Assist major auction houses to correctly date and describe objects for sale.
- Research and study antique spectacles and other vision aids from all over the world
- Examine and identify items in the collections of museums and historical societies. Additionally, I have collaborated with collections in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, and United Kingdom (the list of over 200 institutions to date is available upon request).

SIGHT: The Story of Vision [documentary film]
As an Executive Producer and also Chair of the Advisory Board, I participated in the creation of the definitive film project on corrected vision. Three years in the making, SIGHT: The Story of Vision is a comprehensive PTV documentary project whose major story threads are science, medicine, technology, and humanity. The primary goal of the documentary SIGHT, with narrator Sir Elton John, and associated planetarium film SEEING, with narrator Neil deGrasse Tyson, is to educate and inform the general public worldwide that vision is every human’s most treasured sense.  SIGHT, the very first Color Blind Assisted (CA) film in history, began the journey to be broadcast by PBS affiliates across the US and will go to international broadcasters in 2017. The most comprehensive program on human vision ever presented to a worldwide audience, this has already won major awards.

Antiquespectacles.com [educational website]
- Created the unique informative website related to antique vision aids, a continuously growing and evolving endeavor.
- Worked with over 1,665 educators and with over 870 institutions worldwide, including more than 340 in Europe, all of which are acknowledged on the site. Over 7,050 images are included, all dated and described.
- Continue to promote the website in order to gain international recognition of the unique subject. It has become the leading resource on this topic which, up until now, has been taken for granted and overlooked. 

“Eyeglasses through the Ages”, Atti della Fondiazione Giorgio Ronchi, Anno LIX, n. 6, Nov.-Dec. 2004, p. 831-843.
“Eyeglass Buff Makes Historical Finds of A Spectacular Sort”, The Wall Street Journal, Robert Tomsho, April 6th 2006
More than sixty additional articles have been published crediting the website, key discoveries or objects from my own personal collection: antiquespectacles.com/newsworthy/important_statements.htm.

The American Board of Opticianry [speaker credentials and course]
Approved as of 8/19/04 for a period of 2 years then approved again until 2009                   
Council on Optometric Practitioner Education [speaker credentials and course]
Approved as of 10/18/04 for a period of 3 years COPE Course ID: 12420-GO “Eyeglasses through the Ages” - one hour PowerPoint course approved for CE credit

Dec 2016, approved for ABO/NCLE.
Dec 2016, COPE Course ID: 51849-GO “Eyeglasses through the Ages”
APPROVED with Expiration Date: 12/09/2019 Qualified Credit: 1 hour(s)         

- Madame Heymann Collection – greatest optical collection ever, the Holy Grail of collections – basis of her 1911 book
- Baby Jesus Painting, from the early 17th century in Naples, Italy – greatest anachronism in history
- Scarlett Trade Card - proving 1714-1727 is the more accurate date in history for the introduction of sidearms
- Examined and verified Abe Lincoln’s glasses at the Library of Congress
- Examined the collection of the Vatican Museum

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