Match the Year to the Significant Event

First understanding of astigmatism and its correction.
First United States school for refracting opens in Boston.
First spectacles invented by an unknown Italian artisan.
First spectacles patent, #1359, is awarded to Addison Smith.
First gold and silver spectacles made by John McAllister, Sr.
First adjustable sidearm implemented.
First sidearm design for spectacles advertised--after 440 years.
First "Visual Glasses" - Benjamin Martin - an annulus made of horn.
First of American Optical's originators (Beecher) makes spectacles.
First painting shows Cardinal Hugh of Provence wearing rivet spectacles.

Choose from the answers below. The questions must be answered in order from 1 to 10.

Just enter the letter corresponding to the answers below for your response.

a b c d e
Circa 1286 1352 1714-1727 1756 1783
f g h i j
Just after 1800 1815 1825-1830 1833 1894


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