Match the Famous Individual With Their Contribution

Who developed the four lens spectacles hinged on the outer sides, 1797?
Who created the first painting with spectacles worn by a famous person?
Who patented the spring mechanism for the lorgnette in 1825?
Who devised "Visual Glasses" to cut down light entering the eye?
Who invented the double hinge extension to the sidearm circa 1752?
Who devised the first bifocal in London in the 1760s?
Who probably devised and then first advertised the first temple sidearm circa 1714-1727?
Who was the spectacle maker who began a five generation business in Philadelphia in 1799?
Who received the first spectacle patent for double specs hinged above in 1783?
Who invented "patent" spectacles to adjust for pupil separation in 1797?

Choose from the answers below. The questions must be answered in order from 1 to 10.

Just enter the letter corresponding to the answers below for your response.

a b c d e
James Ayscough John McAllister Sr. Dudley Adams John Richardson Tommaso da Modina
f g h i j
Addison Smith Benjamin Martin Edward Scarlett Robert Bate Benjamin Franklin


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