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HINT: Two answers are made up of more than one word. In the crossword puzzle solution, there is no space between those multi-word answers. Also it is advisable that you review the “Term for ‘spectacles’ in other languages” for additional help.

Additional advice – Search the website to find the other answers.


2. The German (1535-1607) who wrote the first book on Ophthalmology in 1583
5. The abbreviation for the Ophthalmic Antiques International Collectors' Club
6. The English optician (1677-1743) who is credited with devising the first temple sidearm circa 1730
8. The name of the earliest style of spectacles
9. Japanese word for spectacles
12. Earliest word for spectacles, in Italian, first used in 1306
13. German word for spectacles, derived from the word Beryl, a semi-precious stone, a water white ground rock crystal which behaves like a natural glass
16. The American (1706-1790) who is acknowledged for devising the first split-lens bifocal circa 1765
17. Another Spanish word for spectacles
20. French word for spectacles which came into use after the word Besicles


1. Polish word for spectacles
3. The Patron Saint of Scholars (340-420), first to translate the Bible into Latin (385-405
4. The abbreviation for the Ocular Heritage Society
7. The German town where the earliest pair of spectacles were discovered during renovations of a monastery in 1953
10. Dutch word for spectacles, derived from the word Beryllos
11. The Spaniard (1591-1634) who wrote the first book on spectacles in 1623
14. Portuguese word for spectacles
15. Spanish word for spectacles
18. Russian word for spectacles
19. The country where spectacles first appeared circa 1286

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