Slide Show of Heymann Objects Now in the Museo dell’Occhiale Collection in Pieve di Cadore

All the objects in Madame Heymann's 1911 book, shown without attribution to any other collection, started out in her own wonderful collection. A group of precious and unique pieces of eyewear are currently seen on display one hundred years later in the fabulous Museo dell'Occhaile Collection in Pieve di Cadore, Italy. We are not aware of any direct relationship that existed between Madame Heymann and the authorities at Museo dell’Occhiale. However we have learned that some Heymann objects probably were sold to ophthalmologist Dr. Josep Maria Simon in Barcelona maybe in the 1920s and 30s. Then after Simon died in 1965 his significant collection was sold by his widow (packed in shoe boxes) to optician Georges Bodart who traveled several times from Brussels/Namur to Barcelona in order to avoid problems with the customs offices of Spain, France and Belgium. The Bodarts sold their second home in Spain in order to have the money to purchase the renowned Simon Collection. The Georges Bodart Collection was housed in his museum above their optical shop at Rue Royale 33, Bruxelles, Belgium. Then in 1987 Bodart's extensive collection was sold on to the museum in Pieve di Cadore.

If anyone has more information regarding this transfer, kindly let me know.

“in the Heymann book” refers to: Lunettes et Lorgnettes de Jadis, J. Leroy, Paris, 1911

“at the Museum” refers to: Museo dell’Occhiale Collection in Pieve di Cadore

“in the Museum's book” refers to: Il Museo Dell’Occhiale Pieve di Cadore, Fabbri Editore, 1990, Milan

“Heymann 1900 booklet” refers to: Musee Retrospectif de LÉxposition Universele et Internationale de Paris en 1900 Les Lorgnettes par Jean Robiquet Conservation-adjoint du Musee Carnavalet

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