Slide Show of the Heymann Objects Discovered at the Musee Carnavalet

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Photo Credit: Musée Carnavalet, Paris

Three draw spyglass, gilded-copper and black enamel, from the house of Rochette, Paris, Empire period, donated in 1898 by Madame Heymann Seven draw spyglass, gilded copper, mother of pearl and silver, Empire period, donated in 1903 by Madame Heymann Tobacco case with a five draw gilded metal spyglass, decorated with a miniature painting by Buis, Restoration Period, donated in 1903 by Madame Heymann Top of the tobacco case Bottom of the tobacco case Antique magnifier, made of Mother of Pearl, two figures - male on the left and female on the right, holding a globe on their back (putties, small angels without wings), circa 1820-40, Musée Carnavalet. Very unusual

Photo Credit: Alexis VanLathem

Six draw, silver, decorated with "Vernis Martin ", Empire period (1804 -1815) One draw spyglass, Venetian, cardboard and horn, 18th century Six draw, gilded brass, Empire period Bell shape, one draw, main barrel in tortoiseshell while the draw is in gilded brass, signed “Gonichon”, Paris One draw spyglass signed “Adams/London”, ivory and gilded brass

Miniature pendant (optical charm), France, circa 1820, two draw spyglass, gilded brass Eight draw, gilded brass, decorated with vine leafs "Vernis Martin", Empire period Empire period, four draw in silver, decorated with monkeys "Vernis Martin" , Very rare and the images represent human silliness One draw in cardboard, ivory and tortoiseshell, 18th century Two draw, tortoiseshell and gilded brass, France, circa 1830 Three draw, gilded brass, ivory and red stones. Restoration period (1815-1824), France Shagreen with white metal (perhaps silver), no draw, English, rare Four draw, gilded brass, with white and green stones and also turquoises, Empire period Five draw, gilded brass, blue stones and MOP, Empire period Six draw, gilded brass, Empire period

Other Photos

ivory carved ivory mother of pearl mother of pearl and gilded brass with a container for perfume coral and silver coral and gold one side – appears to be turquoise the other side – appears to be amber tortoiseshell with a silver container for perfume gilded brass

gilded brass gilded brass OM 3951, appears in the Heymann book gilded brass gilded brass, quite fancy gilded brass gilded brass cut steel, very unusual gold and pearls, in an original velvet case carved ivory

three scissors-glasses silver rimmed oval magnifier in a Mother of Pearl case gold embossed leather identification label

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