Slide Show of Other Newly Discovered Objects Formerly Missing

As this research expands and we continue to learn more about Madame Heymann and the full extent of her incredible collection other objects have starter to appear, but one by one. In mid 2010 an extraordinary fan surfaced in an important private collection in Germany and then several spyglasses were discovered online in the Louvre Museum’s website. Another exquisite fan surfaced in late 2010 in the Vanlathem Collection in Belgium.

Dr. Marcel Gilson lived in Verviers, near Liège (Belgium) and was at one time the President of the Belgian Society of Ophthalmology. He too was an avid collector who bought some items out of the Dr. Josep Maria Simon Collection in Barcelona. Other Heymann objects (apparently several of those missing fans) were dispersed even wider when the Gilson Collection was broken apart upon his death in 2006. More research will eventually be done in this area.

All this is exciting and we hope other people in and around Paris will join in this search. This particular slideshow will become an active area since new discoveries of missing treasures will hopefully be made. This search will not end for a long long time. Thank you.

(Hover your mouse on any of the pictures below to see a description. Click to see the actual image from the Louvre website.)

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