Heymann Objects Discovered at the Musée du Louvre

In mid-2010 three beautiful little spyglasses were discovered online at the Louvre Museum’s website. The name Heymann was associated with each image. Following a visit to Paris in 2010 it is now understood that eleven Heymann examples in all exist in their storage depots. From Heymann’s 1924 will it was thought that 37 Heymann objects had been donated. But apparently over 25 were not accepted following her death. The whereabouts of those twenty-five or so remains unknown at this time. One specific spyglass does exist there and it has now been examined in person. It was originally in the Ferrier Collection beginning in 1905. Then it was in the Goncourt Collection and finally it ended up in the hands of Madame Heymann. It is exquisite and has already been the subject of an article written regardingt “Cahiers Edmond and Jules de Goncourt, No 7, 1999-2000”. This object will hopefully be digitized and then eventually added to the Louvre website so visitors can fully appreciate its unique character and colorful design.

(Move your mouse over any of the pictures below to see a larger image.)

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