Coins, Tokens and Medallions, as an Optical Instrument

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Albert von Pflugk Emergency seize coin of pewter issued in 1582 during the seize of the city of Audenarde in the Netherlands,5 escalin 17th century British farthing issued by John Heaward of St. Katherine's, who was a spectacle maker 17th century British farthing issued by spectacle maker Thomas Williams of Oxford 19th century British unofficial farthing token issued by F. West of 17 Russell Court, Drury Lane, London 19th century British unofficial farthing token issued by optician J. Gargory, Bull street, Birmingham Civil War store card one cent token issued by H.D. Higgins, jeweler and optician, Mishawaka, Indiana 22 mm Brass parking token issued in the 1960's by A.B.Mann & Co., opticians of Butler, Pennsylvania Copper token #58 issued by the weaver's guild  in Holland in 1689, reverse Victory medallion minted in 1572 to commemorate the Guex conquering the Dutch city of Breile

A French jeton struck in 1770 to commemorate the Corporation des Mirroiters et Opticiens in Paris A medal issued in 1934 by the Bausch & Lomb Company, commemorating the sesquicentennial of Benjamin Franklin's bifocal lens A gold plated silver medal struck by Bodlak of the Deutsches Museum of Munich, Germany commemorating the invention of spectacles, circa 1280 A 1979 silver medal struck by the Worshipful Company of Spectacle Makers  commemorating the Royal Charter granted in 1629 by King Charles 1 Cast bronze medallic portrait of Alvarez Ororio Toledo d'Avila Astorga, Viceroy of Naples made in 1675 Engraving of Antonio P. Alvarez made by artist Pierre Simon A British bronze medal struck in 1801 to commemorate the death of Sir Ralph Abercrombie A British silver medal struck in 1902 to commemorate the visit of Joseph Chamberlain to South Africa Obverse token No. 120 issued in 1720 Obverse token No. 143 issued in 1689

Obverse token No. 9 issued in 1677


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