Slide Show of Spectacle Peddlers

Slide Show of Spectacle Peddlers

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A misericord in Saint Catherine's Church), Hoogstraten, Belgium, Probably 16th century Traveling merchant with various items for sale, about 1680, after D’apres Bonnard, print from the 19th century Spectacle Peddler, copper statue, 20th century

Glasses, Glasses, Glasses from the Netherlands, engraving, early 19th century Spectacles Handler, anonymous, German painting, about 1800 Knives, Combs, or Inkhorns, colored engraving, circa 1800 A Wandering Seller, Krzysztof Lubieniecki (1659-1729), oil on canvas, MP 2452, National Museum in Warsaw Cake mold of a peddler with a selection of eyeglasses, 18th – 19th century Spectacles Peddler, copperplate engraving, satirical piece showing Angelus Silesius (originally religious poet Johann Scheffler, 1624-1677), anonymous, 1664, courtesy of akg-images (formerly known as "Archiv für Kunst und Geschichte") Berlin, Germany Try These Pair, Frederick Daniel Hardy( 1826-1911), 1864, Sotheby’s Sale – January 1995 Means against shortsightedness, colored wood engraving, c. 1850, (note the dialogue between the optician and his customer) A woman fits a pair of glasses, etching, last half 19th century, after a painting by Pagliano A peddler with a box of spectacles, litho, late 18th century

Female-Hawker, porcelain china crier, under the influence of Kaendler, Meissen, mid 18th century Wandering Spectacles Peddler, David Teniers, the Younger (1610-1690), oil on wood, 19 x 14cm, copyright Dorotheum Auctions Spectacle Peddler, ceramic, Zeiss Optisches Museum, Oberkochen. “Acoramaglietti”, etching by Annibale Caracci 1640, Collection Le arti di Bologna Fine ground spectacles, etching,   Ashmolean Museum, University of Oxford: Douce Portfolio 139 (99)

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