U.S. Presidents and other Famous Americans (wearing spectacles)

Slideshow 1: American Presidents drawn wearing spectacles

Slideshow 2: Famous Americans drawn wearing vision aids

“As you will notice – some Presidents do look much better wearing modern eyeglasses”.

This is the statement on the front cover of an album from the Jane Hushea Stamp Collection. We are so fortunate that Jane has shared yet another group of stamps and interesting pictures with us. Originally, more than 50 years ago Jane located this album of images and for some unknown reason sent it on to her brother. Recently it was returned and it has now been sent to Director Henry Lukas of the Spellman Museum of Postal History so it can join other portions of Jane’s significant collection.

The first slideshow is made up of pictures of the American Presidents beginning with George Washington and ending with Jack Kennedy. Artwork in the form of eyeglasses has been added to each image. In addition, many of these pictures have an unusual “Cinderella” stamp attached showing the years served as President of the United States. These Cinderella stamps are over 50 years old apparently and they remain a total mystery. Does anyone recognize them? Most of the larger black & white pictures are also seen with the American 22 cent stamp issued back in 1985. These were added just recently by Jane herself once the album was back in her possession.

The second slideshow represents, in Jane’s own words, “some famous people wearing outstanding eyewear”, and each is shown with some vision aid. In most cases they are unusual in design and indeed some are anachronisms because the vision aid style did not exist during the lifetime of that individual. These were all drawn by the artist “Blanchard” or “Blanchardy” but we have been unable so far to discover anything about this artist. Jane personally also conducted a search for information about the artist beginning many years ago. But no information could be obtained. If anyone can assist us in locating this skilled artist that would be wonderful. We would like to recognize this artist for his / her extreme talent. The artwork is absolutely terrific!! Until these questions are answered and as Jane said in her latest correspondence with me, the website visitors can all just “marvel at the artwork of those pictures”.

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