Slide Show of Protective Eyewear

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Horn and steel, flip-up fronts, late 18th c, German National Museum, Nuremberg Mesh sides, original case, French, Fennimore Art Museum Four lens variety, thick glass, Vanlathem Collection, unusual Protective with straps, mid-19th century, Chester County Historical Society Green leather with two bone cups, likely for a child, perhaps for strabismus Goggles for motorbike, early 20th c, Musee de la lunette, Morez WW2 Sky Lookout goggles for pilots, American Optical General Purpose Goggles, circa 1944, American Optical Round frame tinted specs, lateral sunshades with green fabric, circa 1800 Horn and brass, original case, circa 1800

German motorcycle goggles, slit eye, c 1910 Mesh side covers, c 1900, Osler Medical Library, McGill University Tinted, straps, original case, mid-20th century, National Plastics Center Pilot’s glasses, possibly WW1, Ramstein Collection, Basel Hoodwinks (antique Masonic), Museum of Vision, San Francisco Early 19th c, unusual, British Optical Association Museum, London Michael Lebby wearing, orange tint, BOA Museum Lebby wearing, green tint, BOA Museum Goggles and pinhole spectacles – University Museum, Utrecht Various protective eyewear, Technisches Museum, Vienna

Damaged eyeglasses, tested for safety, 1935, International Harvester's Auburn Works (factory), Wisconsin Historical Society General purpose protective eyewear, original case, 1870-90, Alabama Museum of Health Sciences For a one-eyed individual, Henry Sheldon Museum of Vermont History Horn and steel, temple sides, circa 1780 All mesh fronts, circa 1900 Cycling goggles, mesh sides, circa 1870 Wilson flip-up furnace glass, c. 1930 Protective mask, circa 1917, unusual, Science Museum, London Safety protectors with metal mesh case, Wenham Museum Possibly early railroad glasses, X bridge, French, Mutter Museum

Bessemer furnace glasses, very thick double lenses, circa 1910 Sunshields, posterior view, late 19th c, Chester County Historical Society Glasses with straps, Regensburg Regulations illustration, c. 1580, German National Museum Protective goggles and original case, Shelburne Museum Snow goggles for a stage coach driver, c. 1840, Peabody Essex Museum Hoodwinks, Block Island Historical Society Mid-20th c. protective eyewear Goldoni Spectacles with cloth side protectors, c. 1780, Luxottica Museum, Rathschuller Collection Blind man wearing opaque eyeglasses, from a daguerreotype, circa 1850-60 French advertisement, early 20th century

From a James W. Queen and Co. Philadelphia catalogue, early 20th century Advertisement, glasses for cyclists and chauffeurs, early 20th century, Kortland Collection Kortland Collection Kortland Collection Kortland Collection Kortland Collection Kortland Collection Camouflage goggles with ventilated screen sides, 1943, Optical Heritage Museum Flip-up half sunglasses, about 1925, Optical Heritage Museum Driving goggles, 1920-30 era, Optical Heritage Museum

Glasses to wear under a gas mask, apparently used by two-star General R. J. Donahue, Optical Heritage Museum Original painting by Red Mizen, 1940s, Optical Heritage Museum


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