Slide Show of Telescopes Represented on Stamps

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Slideshow #1. From the private collection of Robert Bruce Hafner, El Cajon, California.

Republic of Korea, 1978 Ukraine, 1995 Galileo’s telescopes and drawing of the moon, 1609 La Silla Paranal Observatory, Chile, 1972 Cerro Calan Observatory, University of Chile, Santiago, Chile, 1972 Royal Observatory of Belgium Western Germany, circa 1820 Equatorial telescope, 1981 Western Germany, circa 1770 mirror telescope, 1981 Royal Observatory of Belgium, 8/11/56, the Comet Arend-Roland Russia, The largest in the world Soviet Telescope, 1985

Japan, Mizusawa Vera Observatory, 1949 200 inch Hale Reflector, Palomar – World’s Largest Telescope Edmond Caillard (1912-1991), New Caledonia (territory of France), 2002 Sesquicentenary National Observatory, Brazil, 1977 Detre László (1906-1974), Hungary, 2006


Slideshow #2

Ajman, showing Galileo Galilei, 1971 (since 1973 together with other sheikdoms it has become the United Arabic Emirates U.A.E.) Russia, Nicolaus Copernicus, from the painting by J. Mateiko 1828, notice he is studying the heavens, 1955. France, Nicolaus Copernicus (1473-1543) Ascension, Isaac Newton, Mathematician and astronomer, 1971, Aangenendt Collection Paraguay, Galileo Galilei, Sidereus Nuncius Italy, Galileo Galilei Hawai’i Post, Galileo Galilei, 400th anniversary of the invention of the telescope, 2008 Netherlands, showing a Faience tile from Manises, Aangenendt Collection Italy, four stamps, representing 300th anniversary of the death of Galileo Galilei, 1942, Aangenendt Collection German Democratic Republic, Joseph Kepler, 1971, Aangenendt Collection

United States, Nicolaus Copernicus, 500 year anniversary of his birth St. Kitts and Nevis, Christopher Columbus using a telescope, (which of course was non-existent in 1492), 1921 St. Kitts and Nevis, Christopher Columbus using a telescope, (which of course was non-existent in 1492), Netherlands, 400 year anniversary of the telescope, 2008, Aangenendt Collection Panama, Galileo Galilei (and Albert Einstein),1965, Aangenendt Collection Italy, Galileo Galilei Italy, Galileo Galilei Northern Korea, 350 anniversary of the death of Johannes Kepler, 1980, Aangenendt Collection Russia, Parabolic Reflector of Institute of Astronomy named in the honor of P.K. Shternberg Russia, On the map: Studying of Solar activity. Around the outer border: International Year of Geophysics, 1957-1958.

Western Germany, Berlin, circa 1810 instrument, 1981 Western Germany, circa 1800 instrument, 1981 Italy, Galileo Galilei, theory of Relativity 1995 Korea Mauritius, The voyage of Charles Darwin and his telescope, Aangenendt Collection United States, Palomar Mountain Observatory, 1948 Portugal, D.Luis (1838-1889), Lunetta de Cassegrain, 2002, Aangenendt Collection Germany advertising stamp, circa 1920, notice the binoculars Germany , first day cover, 1986, notice the spectacles peddler holding a telescope Grenada, 450th anniversary in memoriam of Copernicus, 1993, Aangenendt Collection

 United States, images from the space telescope honoring Edwin Hubble Germany, Bonn, first day cover honoring the 350th birthday of Isaac Newton (1643-1727) and his telescope, 1993 Sierra Leone, saluting the exploration of Mars, 1990 Paraguay, Galileo Galilei (and Albert Einstein) For the child, Christian Huygens, 1629-1695, the Netherlands 1655 Christian Huygens discovered the rings of Saturn, 50 cents, Millennium 2000, Grenada

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