Some Reference Books

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The Magic Cylinder Book, Ivan Moscovich. Tarquin Publications (ISBN 0-906212-67-7). The Magic Mirror: an antique optical toy, McLoughlin Brothers. Dover Books. (Reprint of a popular late-19th century book of mirror-cylindrical images). Secrets des Anamorphoses. Gallimard Jeunesse, Paris, 1995 (ISBN 2-07-058795-9) Anamorphoses, ou, Magie artificielle des effets merveilleux, J. Baltrusaitis. 1969. Translated into English as Anamorphic Art, 1977 Hidden Images: Games of perception, anamorphic art, illusion, F. Leeman, J. Elfers and M. Schuyt. Harry Abrams, New York, 1976. (ISBN 0-8109-9019-9


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