Slide Show of Professor Vincent Ilardi

It has been an honor to assemble the images below in order to create a slideshow in memory of Vincent Ilardi. I am proud that a select group of pictures from his important APS book can be presented for everyone’s enjoyment. The majority of the images were granted because of the kindness of Vincent’s good friend Mary McDonald, executive editor of the American Philosophical Society in Philadelphia. Vincent had become the winner of the John Frederick Lewis Award for 2006 because of his remarkable monograph. Then in 2007 the APS published Vincent’s book Renaissance Vision from Spectacles to Telescopes. For those who may consider adding it to their library (ISBN 978-0-87169-259-7) I would give it the strongest recommendation. (Click to order the book, use code M259)

(Move your mouse over any of the pictures below to see a larger image.)

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