Optisches Museum of Jena: Objects on Display, #2

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display of early microscopes display of early telescopes display of opera glasses display of single lens magnifiers display of binoculars, 19th - early 20th c display of spyglasses Brillenthaler of Brunswick-Wolfenbuttal minted in 1586 German jeton minted by Martin Kume in the county of Mansfield about 1567 German medal produced by Christian Wermuth and dating to the year 1700 Spectacle gold ducat of Cristian IV of Denmark from 1647

Token issued by the weaver's guild in Holland in 1689 German jeton engraved in bronze by Christian Wermuth circa 1675 British bronze medal struck in 1801 to commemorate the death of Sir Ralph Abercrombie baleen spectacles baleen sides, 18th c front of a carved wooden case, 17th c hat spectacles, after about 1830 lorgnette, gold and mother of pearl, 19th c bejeweled single lens magnifier, mid-19th c pince nez with sides, late 19th c pince nez, gold, late 19th c

scissors-glasses, early 19th c Copperplate of Jonas Schwarz, Anspach, 18th c stenopaeic slit glasses, horn, c. 1920 UV goggles Japanese, 17th -18th century Japanese woodcarving 18th miniature painting of Franz Schubert, mid 19th c Johann Friederick Schmidt sign, 1781 binocular microscopes according to Cherubin d'orleans, by Father Anian, very early 18th c Helmholz ophthalmoscope, Berlin, c 1852-53


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