Optisches Museum of Jena: Objects in Storage

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One drawer of rare objects Another drawer of rare objects Another drawer of rare objects Another drawer of rare objects ornate enamel and gilded brass lorgnette, mid 19th c. ornate round frame silver lorgnette, with patina brass spectacles, X bridge, fancy, double turnpin sides, French Round frame lenses hang from horizontal bar, unusual, late 18th c based upon Nuremberg single wire spectacles, temple sides, right lens “London” scratched”, unique all tortoiseshell, with shell inserts, tiny amber lenses, early 19th c

All horn with small oculars with green silk shielded sides, never seen before Round frame lenses hang from horizontal bar, unusual, late 18th c Round frame baleen with long hinged sides, pull off case Waldstein all glass, single lenses, mid 19th c unusual pince nez, circa 1910 Mottled horn-cased single lens, circa 1800 temple spectacles, round frame, blond horn, very rare spectacles with fold-down hinged shades to cover the lenses, dark horn, 19th century Nuremberg spectacles with sides (likely added later) quizzing glass, unusual shape, probably French

brass spectacles with unusual frame style, turn-pin sides, early 19th century Goldoni spectacles with silk side covers, green lenses, Venetian, late 18th century silver oval front, X bridge, tortoiseshell sides, very unusual spectacles with unique sides, late 19th century collapsible spectacles, fold at the nose bridge, double turn pin sides silver spectacles, hallmarked, frosted periphery, uncommon case, early 19th c round frame spectacles, C bridge, with green-tinted fold-down 2nd frame, very rare round frame spectacles with fold down cover from above, long thin sides spectacles with curl sides, unusual front frame, two lens shapes (D and oval), late 19th c  single large magnifier, possibly French, ornate frame

rare pince nez, early 20th c rare pince nez, early 20th c Japanese nose spectacles, with frontal prominence and nose support, very unusual nose spectacles, silver, ornate turn pin style nose bridge, circa 1700 carved wooden case, for two pair of wire nose spectacles, early 18th c packaging carton for sending a group of nose spectacles, made in the shop of George Wilhelm Schmidt of Nuremberg, early 18th century


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