Antique Spectacles

Antique spectacles is your premier online source for spectacles for prescription lenses as well as daily wear. We carry a large selection of spectacles throughout many decades in all popular glasses styles, including round glasses, oval glasses, octagon glasses, and rectangle frames.

We have a large selection of black glasses, gold frame glasses, silver glasses, and tortoiseshell glasses. Our eyeglass frames are top quality.

Check out our top eyeglass colors, glasses shape guide, or find our when antique spectacles were invented as well as our the development of spectacles throughout the years. You can also check out our top sunglass styles, most popular glasses and our prescription lenses guide to ensure you get the best out of your spectacles.

Not sure of the best material for your spectacles? We got that covered too.

Not sure of the best frames for you? You may be Interested in our face shape guide.

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