Bifocals are reading glasses that feature vision correction for distance at the top half of the lens and correction for near vision at the bottom. Bifocal glasses are ideal for people with near and far-sighted vision problems. Hence, a bifocal prescription conveniently works as standard prescription eyeglasses and reading glasses. Imagine that! Bifocals give you the best of both worlds in one frame!

What are bifocal glasses?

Bifocal glasses work to provide the wearer with two prescriptions in the same lens. And when you look closely at bifocals, you’ll see a nearly invisible line across the center. This is the exact location where both prescriptions meet. Since most people look down to read a book or look at their phone, the bottom portion of the lens is designed to help the person with reading.

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Benjamin Franklin Bifocals

Who invented bifocals? Many people recognize Ben Franklin as a founding father, notable scientist, and diplomat. He’s known for his key findings in electricity, but did you also know that Ben Franklin invented bifocals?

Benjamin Franklin’s glasses were first invented in 1784 for his own personal use. He famously had a hard time seeing up close and far away, so he invented bifocals when looking for a solution to his own problem. In his first pair, the bifocal was two separate lenses cut to fit into a single pair of glasses frames.

Benjamin Franklin’s bifocal glasses are still widely popular today, even though they are made using a different technique. Rather than being two separate lenses installed on top of each other, bifocal technology is infused right into the single lens.

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