Glasses Face Shape

Are you wondering about the easiest way to choose the best glasses for face shape? If you’ve found this page, then you’re probably wondering, “What is my face shape?” Search no more! Here’s everything you need to know about different face shapes and how to pick the best pair of glasses.

What is My Face Shape?
Let’s face it, one of the most important aspects of buying new prescription glasses or designer glasses is determining your face shape. Though faces usually never fit neatly into just one category, knowing which shape your face most closely resembles will start you on the best path to finding your ideal woman glasses for face shape.

How to Determine Face Shape?
Follow these simple steps to determine your facial shape:

Pull your hair back.
Locate the widest part of your face.
What shape is your jaw?
How do the length and width of your face compare?

After you answer these questions, refer to our face shape chart below to find your facial shape.

Ultimately, what style of glasses looks best on you is a matter of personal opinion. So, rather than stress, if you can’t determine your face shape, simply choose the glasses that make you feel the best!

When shopping for sunglasses for face shape, the same rules apply. Let us know if you have any questions about choosing the best glasses for face shape. We have a large selection of eyeglasses and sunglasses, so your next favorite pair awaits!