Glasses Shapes

Eyeglasses Shapes

Ordering your prescription eyeglasses on the internet without human interaction may like a bad idea but we will help you through the process and tell you what mistakes to avoid. 

Personality is the number one thing when it comes to choosing your new glasses frames. Each frame has its own unique character and it’s a question of whether that character is right for you. Each glasses shape has its own personality and certain aspects and elements of the frames can completely change your character.

Eye glasses come in many shapes. Most popular among them are round, oval, square, rectangle, and cat eye glasses. Less popular are octagon, aviator, hexagon, diamond, heart shaped glasses, and square. shapes Some people prefer a particular shape that complements their face shape, while others may choose a shape based on personal style or the latest fashion trends. Ultimately, the shape of glasses that are best for you will depend on your facial features and style.

Rectangle Glasses

The most standard shape when it comes to eyeglass frames is rectangle glasses. They have a very traditional, classic, and formal look. Rectangular frames may be a bit boring and understated, a little bit formal as well because rectangular frames have that kind of an office look it’s quite a smart look. This shape quotes most people and is perfect if you’re just looking for a pair of spectacles to correct your vision and not looking to make a splash.

Round Glasses

Round is one of the earliest shapes used for antique spectacles. It was likely the most popular shape until after WW2. Some of the famous people who popularized round glasses include John Lennon. Harry Potter. Steve Jobs. Mahatma Gandhi. Round frames will always be in style thanks to these famous people. Anyone can be anyone, and you can wear round glasses yourself!

Round eyeglass frames work well with multiple face shapes, especially rectangle and square-shaped faces.  rectangular faces by complementing the natural straight lines of these faces.

We have circle glasses frames in all materials including plastic, metal, acetate and titanium.

Octagon Glasses

Octagon Glasses first made an appearance in the mid-1800s. There were many brass and silver octagon-shaped glasses, often with sliding temples as was common with these eyeglasses. This did not last long during that era and the octagon shape made a reappearance only later during with 1920s frames and 1930s and 1940s glasses. These gold and silver eyeglass frames were mainly common with rimless frames for men and women and were likely the most popular shape for frameless glasses during those decades. Octagon glasses continued with their popularity throughout the 1980s, and have since then largely fallen out of favor as a shape for the masses.

Oval Glasses

Oval glasses have a lens size that is wide and short. The oval is one of the first shapes used in manufacturing spectacles and was extremely popular until 1930. It resurfaced in the 1990s and early 2000s and was extremely popular during those 2 decades. 

Oval glasses shape is sort of a hybrid between round and rectangular glasses, capturing the features of each without the disadvantages of the other. The soft oval lines help contrast any square face shaps one may have

Oval frames are great for people with square or diamond-shaped faces. We have a large selection of oval glasses and sunglasses with a particular affinity for gold glasses and silver frames.  Our frames are great with a prescription or nonprescription glasses.

Aviator Glasses

Aviator glasses were originally created as sunglasses to help pilots fly during WW2 This style was invented out of thin air with no precursors and has remained extremely popular until today. The for the original name of the first model was called “Ray-Ban”, as in banning the sun’s rays. 

Originally made by Bausch and Lomb. Later a company called Randolph started making these for the military. Its popularity was mainly for vintage sunglasses, until the 1980s when they were used as regular spectacles as well.

 Aviator glasses look good on most face shapes, particularly square and heart-shaped face.

Cat Eye Glasses

This shape became popular in the late 1940s and remained so until the 1970s, before making a comeback about 15 years ago. Named after its shape, the upswept shape of a cat’s eye, these vintage frames made quite the splash and brought color and character to the world of spectacles which had been occupied with traditional colors such as gold and silver and boring shapes such as oval and round. Today they are much larger and more of a “modified” shape. They are mainly popular for sunglasses but we love them for prescription glasses frames as well.

Hexagon Glasses

Hexagon glasses can be traced back to the 1920s When nose pads were invented glasses started being worn further away from the face and it became possible to play around with the shapes. White the main shapes were round and Panto, there were also many vintage frames made in the hexagon shape. This was true of rimmed glasses but particularly of rimless glasses. Rimless glasses have a minimalist look and hexagon has a much more understated feel when with frameless glasses, whereas with frames glasses the unique geometric lines protrude and make much more of a statement.

Hexagon Glasses are perfect for both men and women for prescription frames as well as sunglasses.

Square Glasses

Antique Spectacles offer dozen of square glasses frames to choose from. You will surely find a pair to suit your style.  

Square glasses date back to the 1950s and are considered one of the newest shapes to hit the vintage eyewear world while remaining one of the most popular. Square glasses can be traced back to Ray Ban Wayfarers, Tart Arnel, Pathway Challenger and the like. They are worn by many celebrities today as prescription glasses as well as sunglasses frames. 

Square glasses are generally made of plastic or acetate. Titanium or metal glasses in square shape is not as common.

Diamond Shaped Glasses

Diamond Shaped Glasses were first seen in the 1960s to a small degree, but mainly in the 1980s. Diamond glasses were never very popular, their untraditional shape did not conform to the box most people are looking for. 

We have a large selection of diamond glasses for men and women, come check out our selection!

Heart Shaped Glasses

Heart-shaped glasses frames are a fun and easy way to add some flair to your wardrobe. These frames are perfect for those who want to make a statement with their eyeglasses and stand out from the crowd.

Heart shaped eyeglass frames come in a variety of styles and colors ensuring you will certainly find something to match your style. Bold and bright to classic and understated, there’s a heart-shaped frame out there for everyone.

In addition to their obvious appeal, heart-shaped glasses can also be flattering for certain face shapes. The curves of the heart shape can help to balance out angular features.

Whether you’re looking for a playful accessory or a fashion-forward eyewear choice, this may be the right choice for you!