Frame Size

We have a large selection of frame sizes, so it’s vital to obtain your eyeglass measurements before ordering. To help with this process, we’ve included everything you need to know about frame sizes.

What to Know About Frame Size

Essentially, the eyeglass frame sizes are indicated by three numbers stamped inside the eyeglasses. The numbers generally appear on one side of the inside frame temples that secure your frames behind your ears.

These are what these glasses measurements mean:

  • Eye Size
  • Bridge Size
  • Temple Length

Each of these numbers is represented in millimeters and looks something like this: 48-19-140.

Eye Size
This is the first number and is the horizontal width of your lenses.

Using our example, the lens frame openings are 48 mm wide. Typically the eye size of eyeglass frames ranges from 44 up to 62 mm.

Bridge Size
This is the second number representing the distance between the eyeglass lenses.

The size of the bridge refers to the piece that rests on your nose; in our example, the measurement is 19 mm wide. Usually, bridge sizes vary between 14 and 24 mm.

Temple Length
The third and final number is the temple length, which tells you how long the arms of your frames are.

This frame size is measured from the end of the temple’s tip to the frame’s hinge. Generally, this measurement ranges from 120 up to 150 mm. With our example, the temple is 140 mm long.

If you have more questions, please refer to our frame sizes chart or sunglasses size chart for more information.