Pupillary Distance

Have you recently heard the term “pupillary distance” and wondered what it meant? Pupillary distance measures the distance from the center of one pupil to the center of the other. Pupil distance is used to determine where you look into your glasses lenses and need to be measured as accurately as possible.

What is Pupillary Distance?
The pupillary distance measurement checks the distance between the center of each pupil. As we mentioned, this tells exactly where you look through the lenses of your glasses, so it needs to be accurate.

The average adult has a PD measurement of between 54 and 74 mm, while kids have a PD measurement of 43 to 58 mm. Though your doctor usually measures pupillary distance during a routine eye exam, you can measure PD by yourself if they do not give you this number.

How to Measure Pupillary Distance
Here are the steps required to measure pupillary distance:

Stand roughly 8 inches away from your mirror
Place a rule against your browline
Close your right eye and align the 0 mm mark of the ruler under the center of your left pupil
Look straight ahead and then close your left eye while opening your right eye
Find the mm line that aligns with the center of your right pupil; this number is your PD

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