1950s Glasses

It’s common for trends to come and go, but some are just so effortlessly timeless that they’re always around. One such style is ’50s glasses, which have been on the scene for decades. From James Dean in his iconic horn rims to Marilyn Monroe in her stylish cat-eyes, people throughout generations have donned retro ’50s eyewear.

Most people know that making a fashion statement never gets old. Hence, many turn to 1950s glasses to complete their modern look. Whether you’re a vintage rockabilly or rebel without a cause, you’ll find some ’50s glasses to help you boogie-woogie the day away.

Whether you’re a baby-faced or square-jawed man, we have 1950s men’s glasses frames to suit you! If you want a bold browline look, opt for a pair of our acetate frames. Or, for those wanting a more subtle look, check out some wireframes to put that retro spin on your 1950s men’s glasses.

We carry a wide selection of ’50s women’s glasses as well. From academic to kittenish, we have old-school frames to help complete your look. No matter if you’re looking for 1950s sunglasses or ’50s eyeglasses – we have you covered! Check out our hip collection of retro 1950s-style glasses today!

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