Browline Glasses

Browline glasses are also commonly referred to as Malcolm X glasses, as he preferred the style. So, what are browline glasses? Every clue is in the name! Browline frames are also called clubmaster glasses, and they feature a design where the top portion of the frame is thicker than the bottom rim for a defined look.

The top of browline glasses is commonly made from plastic or acetate, whereas the bottom is made from the same material, only much thinner to support the lens. The first browline eyeglasses were highly customizable, making them widely popular, as people could express their unique style through their eyewear.

Browline glasses for men and browline glasses for women are semi-rimless frames. This means the bottom of your lens is not covered by the frame, thus accentuating your browline. Look no further than our store if you’re in the market to buy browline eyeglasses for men or women. We carry a wide selection of colors, styles, brands, and materials to fit anyone’s style. Don’t wait any longer – find your dream pair of browlines today!

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