Cat Eye Glasses

Are you in the market for some cat-eye glasses? Cats eye glasses are a type of eyeglass frame that features a unique form. Cat-eye glass frames preceded bug-eye frames and were most prevalent among women in the ‘50s and ‘60s, especially in Hollywood. The design for cat eye glasses frames is similar to browline glasses but is much more distinguished by the beveled edge near the outer borders where the forearms or temple meet the front of the frame.

Many people love that cat eye frames are some of the most versatile. They are not only attractive but, depending on your preference, are available in colors such as gold, pink, red, and black cat-eye glasses. This means there is a frame color to complement every outfit!

Cat eye prescription glasses frames flatter nearly every face, especially those that have more pronounced features. Since these glasses slant upwards over the cheekbones, they optically help pull your face upward and enhance your eyes.

If you’re looking for a new pair of cat-eye glass frames, look no further than our selection. You’ll find cat-eye glasses in nearly every color, style, embellishment, and brand. We carry everything from retro cat-eye glasses to metal cat-eye glasses and small cat-eye glasses.

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